From the starting point of our company, we have committed to offering continuous technical services for our clients. Our services are performed by the specialized staff of engineers and technicians, which include the following:

Calibration and Verification

An essential part of today’s lab procedures is to ensure correct and accurate measurement readings. Our well-trained staff follows the international standards in calibration and verification of any equipment, which ensures high confidence in the measurements for our customers and their customers alike.
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A necessary part of our relationship with our customers is the process of maintaining the operational condition of the equipment, as well as repairing them, should an issue arise. Our staff is trained by the suppliers of the equipment to conduct periodic maintenance, depending on the equipment and the nature of the application. Furthermore, we understand that timing is fundamental in this process; hence, we are committed to keeping our fast services on-time, once needed.
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Installation & Training

One of the main parts of our supply process is the installation of the requested equipment, as well as making sure that the staff of our client is well-trained to obtain optimum performance from their installed system.
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